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5 Things You Must Know To Be Successful In Life

Why so many people are successful in their life? You may wonder there must be some kind of underlying framework that these successful people follow. Honestly, I don’t know if there is any such framework, formula, shortcuts or an algorithm to become a successful person in life.

If there is any pill, by having it, one will become successful — I’ll be the happiest person on the earth because success is the only thing I’m looking for.

Success is not a thing. Like, today you’ve worked so hard and got more sales or meet the deadlines and hoping that tomorrow I’ll call myself a successful person in life. That’s not how success works. It’s not an overnight thing.

Actually, success takes time, dedication, patience, and constant improvement. I don’t know how you define being successful in life.

In my case, I define being successful in life as;


DESIRE in terms of health, family, friends, financial freedom, personality, and entrepreneurship journey, etc.

It’s all about perspective, how you envision your life, set goals and achieve it. It differs from people to people, and the best thing is that anyone can become successful in life.

Look, I’m not talking about getting success in business, study, relationship or WHATEVER. I’m talking here bigger than these things, a bigger domain that incorporates all these aspects and it’s called THE LIFE.

It’s is absolutely necessary to get success in life and is totally different from getting success in business or in a relationship. It’s time to change your point of view. That’s all.

Let’s go a little bit inside of human nature, and see what drives success.

There are two types of people. One is “OK” people – they are in good mood always, they don’t want change, they don’t have a purpose, they are fine with their life, living in a constant speed thinking somebody will come and grow me exponentially.

Second is “NOT OK” people – they don’t know why there are obsessed with. They want to do something and achieve something in life, they have a purpose to live and they want transform always.

I’m sure, you’re the second type of person- as you’re already reading this article. I can guess you’ve some desires to accomplish. I really appreciate that and wish your desire to come true soon.

You need to be more grateful in your life, always thankful for what you have because gratefulness is the fuel for your success. How to be more grateful? Look how i…

I’m so fortunate to have a family, friends, and mentors who always push me and influence me to hustle more. This is the reason I’m who I’m today. Thanks to those people for being part of my life’s journey. This is how I activate my gratefulness every day. Try yours …

Let’s begin.

5 Things You Must Know To Be Successful In Life


Meaning,  you have to list all of your desire, by achieving that you can call yourself a successful person in life. Think about what you truly want to achieve. It might be becoming the best husband, wining award, getting high in grades, getting out of comfort zone, good communication skills, good at programming, having secured jobs. And the list goes on.

You need to figure out what you truly want to achieve in life. Don’t cheat. Be honest with yourself, and write. Just Write. You can write as many as you want.

These are the factors that determine the degree of success in your life.


This is the present. Right Now.

The next thing you need to do is, analyze yourself because you’re the person who is aiming for success. And most of the people fear this. They don’t want to know themself. Usually, people judge themself and take everything for granted. People think, I’m a week and I’ve not potential to achieve my dream. Please don’t do that, you’re the most intelligent creature on earth. Okay, forget about the dreams, desires, and success right now. Just focus on yourself, your true self. And start to analyze yourself, how? Look

You have to do a SWOT analysis on self. Remember all the evaluations must be done based on current time / real-time.

STRENGTH(S): Your plus(+) points.

WEAKNESS(W): Your minus(-) points.

OPPORTUNITY(O): Your potential plus(p+) points.

THREAT(T): Your potential minus(p-) points.

While doing a SWOT analysis, think about your desire, what you want to accomplish in life. And write everything that you’ve got that aligns with your desire.

For instance, My goal in life is to become financially freedom. then SWOT may look like;

S = good in business, knowledge of stock market investing, knowledge of online business
W = bad in finance knowledge, not have a money-saving habit
O = business mindset friend circle, involved in the uncle’s business
T = loss in the stock market, Less time for family, Health issue


Your strength determines your highs, what you’re capable of, what you can do (actually, strength are the positive points that add some value to your life for accomplishing your goals or any desires)

For instance;

  • I’m a public speaker
  • My body is fit
  • I can write
  • I can dance
  • I do coding
  • I’ve financial knowledge
  • I can do sales
  • I can manipulate people


Your weakness is the lows, what you can’t do, what you’re not capable of (actually, weakness are the negative points that reduce some value to your life while accomplishing your goals or any desires)

For Instance;

  • I’m unfit
  • I sound awful
  • I’m not a fast learner
  • I do procrastinate a lot
  • I hate reading
  • I can’t sing
  • I can’t speak with people


Your opportunities are the strings you’ve to pull in order to grow and accomplish whatever you want. (actually, opportunities are the potential positive points that can add some value to your life for accomplishing your goals or any desires). Opportunities can make a massive impact on your life if you seek and utilize it properly.

For instance;

  • Like-minded friend circle
  • Competition with others
  • Other can do this for me
  • I have a mentor
  • Event Participation


Threats are the potential event that can occur in the future that can make you weak. Make sure you’ve envisioned your life and analyze what kinds of threats may occur in my life and make a proper plan and action to defeat them.

For instance;

  • Health issue
  • Relation issue
  • Team members conflict
  • Market disruption
  • Loose partnership

C. Figure Out

You can do mastery and be a legend in any field but you need to set target first and only you can grow more. If you don’t know where to go, and even if you go– you will end up reaching nowhere.

Figure out your desired level. For instance;

  • In parenting, how good mother/father you want to be?
  • In a relationship, how good wife/husband you want to be?
  • In business, where I want to reach?
  • In finance, how much I want to earn?
  • In a study, how many grades I want to have?

This makes you a clear understanding of your desire, what you truly want to have. Just figure out and write it down.

D. Breakdown

Desires are big and will only come true if you set goals from them. You need to breakdown your desire and set milestones based upon a time with respect to accomplishments.

If you want to earn 1Million dollar in a year, then breakdown it into like this;

  • 0.2M in the first 2 months.
  • 0.5M in the first 6 months.
  • 0.8M in the first 8 months.
  • 1M in a year.

Dividing your desire into small chunks called goals can help you dramatically to plan and achieve the milestones.

E. Habit

Habit is the only thing that can make you or break you. Focus on positive habits. Make sure you build habits in such a way that you are going towards your goals or desires every single day. Make sure you do things that make your strength even stronger, convert weakness to strength, utilize opportunities and minimize threats.

Always make today better than yesterday.


There is nothing left to do and celebrating is the only choice you will have if you become successful. So if you want to reach a winning moment, make sure you’ve utilized your time wisely, hang out with the right people, focus on personal growth and of course follow the above 5 things to become successful in life.

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