stunning personal brand in 2020

8 steps for building a Stunning Personal Brand in 2020

It is a guide that should persuade anyone to think about starting a personal brand in 2020.

First, I’ve started with a list of things that we need to do and then figuring out how to make it happen.

We live in a world where everyone is connected with technology. Do you believe or not, everyone has a personal brand. If you have any online presence whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or Blogs — it defines your online identity.

Same to offline, you live in a society where people do things together and enjoy together, there you do create some sort of existence, and people will recognize you by that identity.

Therefore, we can say, Personal Branding is nothing more than just creating an identity.

It completely depends on your hand, what kind of personal brand you want to establish — but, of course, people will judge you differently because every person has a different thought process which you will never understand.

So, while creating a personal brand you must need to co-relate your brand persona with your audience persona, in every aspect. How? I will discuss below in detail.

Is it necessary to build a personal brand?

Whether it is a business, student life, politics or journalism, personal branding never does anything wrong if it is done in the right way.

On another side, there is a huge benefit in terms of wealth, goodwill, visibility, dignity, impact and much more.

So…why there is a BIG question to start a personal brand in 2020? You know It is a key to unlock infinite possibilities.

So, Here is the deal.

Personal branding will help you to:

  1. Stand out from the crowd
  2. Establish credibility
  3. Be more authentic
  4. Attract growth opportunities
  5. Get loyal audiences
  6. Industry recognition
  7. Build Connections
  8. Gain Confidence

8 Steps for Building a Stunning Personal Brand

STEP: 1 Start with WHY?

This is the very first step you must take into account before jumping into the personal branding world.

In branding, the first layer you need to fight with — is a purpose.
Just think for a while…

  1. What’s your BIGGEST PURPOSE for building a personal brand?
  2. What VALUES does your personal brand hold?

For instance, if you are a stand-up comedian, and you want to build your personal brand because other people in the same industry will know about you, what have you done so far, your background, or you can say — your complete persona. Hoping that your potential audience might find you as the best person for their next project and ended up hiring you.
In this case:

  • Your BIGGEST PURPOSE for building a personal brand is to showcase your credibility, gain more audiences and to establish growth opportunities.
  • And the VALUES, your personal brand holds is, what you offer? and the way you deliver it to your audiences. (values are the voice, that is how your brand speaks).

Depending on your branding purpose, you take actions and that action creates a well-prepared road to move on further.

STEP: 2 Identifying your target audience

This is the point where everyone gets sucked because they think everyone is my audience, and this is completely wrong.

I will give you two simple hacks to crack your potential audience.

  1. Understand what values you can offer to your audience, and
  2. Design a complete picture of your audience persona

Let me go through one by one;

Understand what value you can offer to your audience

So you’ve listed out your brand values from step 1, and before creating any content for your audience, you need to think about your strengths, on what sort of things you can do really best with full passion. Then, You need to decide what type of content(text, images, video, audio, animated gifs, slideshow-whatever) you need to create, that people would love to engage with.

Design a complete picture of your audience persona

Your audience is the heart of your brand. You must have to know your potential ideal audience. Persona is a fictional character designed to represent a user type. Designing an audience persona helps you to understand the exact people who will visit your brand, and you are creating content for them.

The easiest way to do this?

Ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • What will be the age group of my audience?
    (16 – 24), (24 – 29), (20 – 35), (40 – 65)
  • Their gender
    Male, Female or Both
  • Their location
    Be more specific. Like, Kathmandu, Nepal; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX
  • Their educational background
    (Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, Law)
  • Their interest 
    (Reading… , Watching… , Playing… , Painting… , Travel…., Movie with the genre)
  • Their income range
    ($40,000 – $70,000/yr; $1,000 – $4,000/mo.; $50 – $200/day)

Let’s take an example;

So here is the tip on finding what actually you can offer.

Go through this picture.

Here is strategy;

  • Offering to customers
    Digital Marketing Contents
  • Audience
     Aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers (beginner to expert)
  • Pain point he is solving
     No doubt, google search results have everything, but it is die-hard to learn the fundamental things in one place, people need to find and read a lot of content to gain the fundamental knowledge in digital marketing. Neil is keeping all the fundamentals and strategy of blogging, content marketing, SEO in a single place, in a way of go-get-ready style.
  • Why he is unique
    He always makes content in a concise way for every part of his guide. First, he always does the experiment on himself and tells the strategy to the audiences with proven statistics.

You see these data as simple but there are more things you can extract from it. This is the foundation of your personal branding.

This enables your brand, a proper direction to go and a long-term strategy to follow and guess what — It is easy to do.

STEP -3 : Building your online space

After deciding what you are going to offer and to whom, the next step is to build a space, from where you can deliver your brand value.

Depending on the purpose of your brand, you need to have an online space. It may be a facebook page, landing page, a website, OR a youtube channel.

Whatever it is. This space is going to be the main channel of communication with your audiences.

The simple way to create awesome online space by following steps;

  • Create a Professional Logo
    A professional looking logo makes a positive first impression for the audience, and it lasts longer. It helps your personal brand for higher recognization and creates a visual reference for your content.
  • Develop Value Proposition Strategy
    Decide a channel like a facebook page, youtube, a blog, or a podcast as the main channel to deliver your content. Depending upon your brand content, you need to decide which channel I need to choose. Your brand may have one or multiple channels for your content distribution.
  • Add testimonial’s and portfolio’s
    Add this point to your to-do list, because your audience cannot find you as an authentic brand, only with your content. Your credential helps your brand to build trust. So make sure to add client testimonials and works you have done so far. There might be some audience who are looking for hiring in their next project. So, here, your credibility helps you to call yourself as a very deserving person.
  • A Clear Call-to-Action
    If there is nothing your audience can do after consuming your content, it is worthless. There must be some sort of action that your audience can do, action may be a Like, Share, Subscribe, Buy, Newsletter, Download an ebook, etc. Depending upon your brand purpose, define your call to action.

STEP -4 : Promote your brand

Use the 80/20 rule to do this. Take 20% of your time to build contents and 80% of the time to promote it.

Publishing content on your platform is not enough. The fastest way to build your audience is by promoting your personal brand to a wider audience.

Here are simple ideas to do this;

  • Leverage your Social Media Power
    There is a lot more you can gain through Social Media. It helps you to drive traffic, gain more visibility, attract more leads, and of course more trust. Make sure your presence in social media is real and authentic. Be friendly with your audience, don’t be like that you came from Mars. forget about Elon Musk. 😀
  • Guest Blogging
    Guest Blogging and Guest Appearance is the fundamentals of growing brand awareness and visibility. At least try to do guest blogging once a month in the same industry. You can also make a guest appearance in another’s podcast or youtube video. It helps your potential audience to make attention to your brand.
  • SEO
    You Know, Google is the largest search engine on the planet. 79, 687(at the moment) number of searches does Google have every single second according to InternetLiveStat. Imagine a month, a year — It is huge, isn’t it? There are more potential audiences in Google alone, who are looking for content in your niche. Make sure you do optimize your site for search engines and create fresh and valuable content. So your audience will find you on the search results.
  • Paid Advertising
     Investing money is also necessary for growing your brand. You can do paid advertisements like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and a banner advertisement in your same niche websites. I am not saying you to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising, you can start with $50 – $100. It helps your brand to get a fresh audience.

STEP -5 : Focus on quality and consistency

It is ok to have 100 loyal audiences than 10,000 customers. Eventually, that loyal audience helps your brand to grow.

The difference between audience and customer is that you have to pay your customer to pay attention whereas the audience seeks you out.

Therefore, focus on creating quality content.

Before launching any content— research, research, and research. Give it a proper shape and size, that people will love to take it and share with the world.

And remember, to maintain brand visibility, you must need to be a consistent player. I mean whatever content you are making, prepare a proper plan and schedule to launch it on a consistent basis across all possible channels to drive enough visibility.

NOTE: In the world of content creation, invention beats innovation.

A 4 Million+ pieces of content get published every day. Imagine if you just innovate the content among one of them and deliver it in a new way, There is less likely to be loved by the audience.

In the case of the invention, you are creating completely new content, a fresh and a newly born content — There is more probability that people would love it. And if once the audience loved it, they will stick with your content and so they will share with the world.

STEP -6 : Be authentic

There are 7 Billion people in the world, and if there is something unique from everyone, that is YOU.

So be yourself. Create your own style and metaphors.

This is the only way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Being authentic means;

  • Be clear about your vision, and reflect that every time
  • Be real-you in social media
  • Learn from others but don’t copy them
  • Make your presence as a real person

STEP -7 : Measure

The measurement is the key to lead your personal brand to success.

It is your official right to measure your brand because you are putting a lot of effort from designing to building, and promoting your personal brand, taking many sleepless nights and learnings.

Most people made a mistake here — they only measure their sales and profit. Yes, this is necessary at some point but not all the time.

So here is the deal.

Keep track your each and every single mistake and micro-wins every time. Track weekly, monthly or on a quarterly basis.

Here tracking mistakes means finding a point that makes your audience not coming, if they came why they are not converting into our customers or subscribers etc.

… And tracking micro-wins means finding points, what lead your personal brand to grow?

If you do analyze your brand performance and did a brainstorm on it, I guarantee you will get some genuine reason behind your ups and downs. Which eventually helps to create new content and brand promotion strategy.

STEP -8 : Develop an adaptable mindset

Mindset is everything. It makes you a hero from zero.

Whatever you’re doing or thinking to do, create a strong mindset.

And the only way to form a strong mindset is by being crystal clear with your vision and goal.

In personal branding, Mindset does impact more. Being a brand, you have to compete with other brands in the same industry too.

And it is possible to win only when you grow with time.

You must have to be a fantastic time player — evolving with time and learning with time.

Do spy your competitor, what they are doing, what technologies they are following. Don’t copy them, learn from them. Figure out what should I need to do? to be smarter than them, what technology should I need to follow? so that I can be the best.

Some result-oriented tip to create an adaptable mindset is:

  1. Get feedback from the audience,
  2. Join community,
  3. Participate in events,
  4. Build like-minded friend circle,
  5. Do research,
  6. Do experiment,
  7. Do networking,
  8. Search a mentor,
  9. Develop observing habit, and
  10. Develop visionary skills.

So why you are waiting for? Go and start building your personal brand today, YES, Today!

Comment below if you have any questions.

Help me to spread this article to the world, share with your friends, and let them know these steps for building a stunning personal brand in 2020 from scratch.

To Your Success,
Manoz Acharya

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